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All our services are customized to your skin. You don't need to pick from a huge list of add-ons or specific treatments that may or may not be right for your skin; just decide how long you'd like your treatment to be and we'll take care of the rest.

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What We Do

Pricing is all-inclusive. Additional gratuity is not required or expected.


45 min - $90

A safe and immediately satisfying procedure that removes dull, dead skin and peach fuzz. Perfect for a red carpet glow. Skin is cleansed, dermaplaned, and boosted with LED for additional glow. Finished with appropriate products for your skin type.

Chemical Peel

45 min - $95 and up

Receive a cleanse, skin analysis, and chemical peel chosen specifically for your skin type and concerns. Progressive to Medical-grade peels are available. Skin will be prepped and after-care information will be provided to enhance results. A full treatment plan will be discussed to achieve desired results.


LED Light Therapy

45 min - $60

Turn your skin on! Includes a cleanse, booster, and 30 minute Celluma LED treatment. Blue or red light options available to treat acne, inflammation, aging and overall skin health concerns. Skin will be finished with appropriate products and spf. You'll leave looking glowing and refreshed and will experience the results for days to come.

Gua Sha

60 min - $150

This time-honored treatment uses a jade or quartz stone to reduce inflammation, detoxify, and promote absorption of active ingredients. Featuring a patented gua sha tool, our certified esthetician follows specific movements to release fascia, firm and hydrate skin, renew facial contours, and reduce under-eye puffiness. You'll leave hydrated, refreshed, and relaxed.

Rejuvenating Treatment

60 min - $135

90 min - $175

For all skin types, to rejuvenate, hydrate, and nourish. Skin is cleansed and exfoliated with the appropriate method(s) chosen by your esthetician to reduce skin-dulling cellular buildup and debris. Followed by skin nourishing massage, deeply hydrating masks, and micro-current lifting technology, and collagen and elastin-boosting LED therapy.

Acne Treatment

60 min - $115

This customized treatment effectively addresses acne with powerful exfoliation to decongest, reduce cellular buildup, and neutralize acne-causing bacteria. With gentle extractions, blue light LED therapy, and anti-inflammatory masks to ensure a soothed, glowing finish.


60 min - $250

Ideal for acne scars, uneven texture, reduction of pore size, hyperpigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles, and a loss of firmness. Incudes gentle exfoliation followed by microneedling to stimulate and renew the skin, followed by LED therapy. This treatment infuses skin with targeted ingredients to upregulate collagen production, minimize discoloration, and heal acne, leaving your skin plumped, smoothed, and with a vibrant glow.

Hair Rejuvenation

60 min - $150

A medical-grade treatment designed to prevent and treat hair loss. Utilizing clinically developed growth factors studied for their ability to efficacy in hair follicle stimulation. This treatment incorporates recent advances in hair follicle science with medical microneedling to stimulate blood flow and boost absorption of hair regenerating solution in an out-patient procedure.

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