Summer is Facial Season

As featured in Cherry Creek Fashion Magazine

Summers in Colorado guarantee one thing: sunshine, and lots of it. There is no shortage of outdoor spaces in which to get our sweat on, or outdoor lounges perfect for cooling down and sipping a refreshing beverage. All of this time spent in the warm sun elevates moods but can take a toll on the skin. To make sure you don’t end summer looking worse for the wear, it’s important to boost the skin’s defenses against sun, sweat, salt, and pollution.

It’s time to switch your skincare strategy away from aggressive treatments like peels or lasers, which leave the skin more vulnerable to damage. It’s facial season! Facials offer a ton of benefits, from deep cleaning to boosting hydration and soothing overheated skin. Not to mention some good old relaxation. Here are some of the types of facials you should look for to keep your skin healthy and glowing this summer:

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